You are reading the 2024/25 Academic Calendar. The 2023/24 version remains in effect until August 31, 2024 and is available here.

School Staff

M. Dion-Stout, B.N. (Leth.), M.A. (Car.), LL.D. (Br.Col.) Nursing Consultant

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J. Baumbusch, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.S.N. (W.Ont.) P.B.D. (Simon Fraser), M.S.N. (W.Ont.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.
G. Boschma, B.S.N. (H.B.O.-V;NL), M.A. (Groningen), M.S.N., Ph.D. (Penn.), R.N.
A. Browne, B.N. (Manit.), M.S.N. (Rhode Isl.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N., FCAHS
V. Bungay, B.S.N. (St.Francis Xavier), M.N. (Dal.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.
S. H. Campbell, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Conn.), Ph.D. (Rhode Isl.), R.N., IBCLC, Post Masters (Boston Coll.), CCSNE, APRN
M. MacPhee, B.Sc. (Mich.), M.Sc. (Purdue), B.Sc.(N.Carolina), M.Sc. (N.Colorado), Ph.D. (Col.State), FCNEI, R.N.
M. Moss, B.S. (Wash.), J.D. (Ham.), M.N. (Phoenix), Ph.D. (Tx.), R.N., FAAN
J. Oliffe, M.Ed. (Vic.(Melb.)), Ph.D. (Deakin), R.N.
A. Phinney, B.A., B.A., M.Sc. (McG.), Ph.D. (Calif., San Francisco), R.N. (McG.), Ph.D. (Calif., San Francisco), R.N.
P. Ratner, B.Sc., M.N., Ph.D. (Alta.)
E. M. Saewyc, B.S.N. (Minn.), M.S.N., Ph.D. (Wash.), R.N., FSAHM, FCAHS, FAAN, FCAN
S. E. Thorne, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), Ph.D (Union), FCAHS, FAAN, FCAN, R.N.
S. Wong, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calif., San Francisco), R.N.

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Associate Professors

H. J. Brown, B.S.N. (Dal.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), Ph.D. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), R.N.
L. M. Currie, B.S.N. (St.Mary's (N.S.)), M.S.N. (Calif., San Francisco), Ph.D. (Col.), R.N.
V. S. Dahinten, B.A. (Simon Fraser), M.B.A (Br.Col.), M.S.N. (Gonzaga), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.
B. Garrett, B.A. (Port. Poly.), PG Cert. Ed. (Cardiff), Ph.D. (Portsmouth), R.N.
A. F. Howard, B.Sc.N. (Alta.), M.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.
E. K. Jenkins, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.P.H. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), CPMHN(C), R.N.

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Assistant Professors

A. F. Abdulai, B.S.N. (Ghana), M. Sc. (UiT, Norway), Ph.D. (Br.Col)
D. Clark, B.M., M.M. (Maine), M.M. (W.Mich.), HEC-C, RCC, MT-BC, MTA
R. Dev, M.P.H., Ph.D. (Wash.), R.N., BCCNM
K. Hasse, B.N. (Leth.), M.A. (St.Mary’s (N.S.)), Ph.D. (Ott.), R.N.
F. Havaei, B.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
S. Hirani, Post R.N.-B.Sc.N., M.Sc.N. (Aga Khan), Ph.D. (Alta.), R.N.
L. Hung, B.N. (Manit.), M.A. Gerontology (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.
E. Ojukwu, B.S.N. (S.Carolina State), Ph.D. (Miami), R.N.
M. Ranger, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Montreal), Ph.D. (McG.), R.N.
L. Wytenbroek, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), B.A., M.A. (Trinity W.), Ph.D. (York), R.N.

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Professor of Teaching

E. Tan, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.

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Associate Professor of Teaching

C. Ferreira, B.S.N. (Calg.), M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), CHSE, R.N.
C. Jackson, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.

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Assistant Professor of Teaching

E. Bailey, M.S. (Boston Coll.), D.N.P. (N.West.), R.N., PMHN.P.-BC (ANCC, USA)
R. Dhari, B.N. (Manit.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
F. P. McCuaig, B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), M.S.N. (Gonzaga), R.N., D.N.P., N.P. (F)
C. Segaric, B.Sc.N. (Windsor), M.Ed. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.

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N. Adhami, B.Sc., B.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col), CACCN, R.N.
F. Affleck, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N. (Athab.), CCNE (C), R.N.
K. Bontinen, B.S.N. (Laurentian), M.S.N. (Br.Col), C.H.S.E., R.N.
M. Burrows, B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech), M.N.-N.P. (F) (Br.Col.)
S. Foster, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
J. Harding, B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (F) (Br.Col.), N.P. (F)
J. Krist, D.N.P., B.A., B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (F) (Br.Col.)
J. Mahy, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
D. Mann, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
S. McBurney, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.A. (Ryl.Roads), R.N.
R. Radu, B.Sc.N. (Douglas Coll.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
S. Rooney, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), B.N. (Calg.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), R.N.
J. Tipping, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.Ed. (Yorkville), R.N.
C. Waddington, B.Sc.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.

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Clinical Associate Professors

S. Lauck, B.A., M.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Assistant Professor, St. Paul’s Hospital and Heart & Stroke Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing at UBC, Clinician Scientist, St. Paul’s Hospital
M. Mackay, B.S.N., M.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N., CCN (C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Heart Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver
T. Taverner, M.Sc. (Leicester), Ph.D. (Leeds), R.N., Senior Director at Children's hospital BC, for the oncology/hematology, medicine/surgery, and bone marrow transplant programs.

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Clinical Assistant Professors

L. Lambert, B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
M. Thumath, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), MScPH (Ldn.), DLSHTM (Ldn.S.H.T.M.), R.N., Clinician Scientist, Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity, Br.Col.

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Clinical Associates

A. Askarzadeh, B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.Tech), R.N.
W. Konn, B.Sc.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), MHLP (Br.Col.), R.N.
J. Mislang, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
J. Neufeld, B.Sc.N. (W.Ont.), M.S.N. (McM.), N.P.
P. Rahmanian, B.Sc.N., B.Sc. (Br.Col), R.N.
W. Sanders, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), R.N.

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Adjunct Professors

S. Archer, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), Nurse Practitioner, Burnaby Centre for Mental Health & Addiction, PHSA
M. Basso, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Senior Practice Leader-Perinatal, BC Women's.
M. Bech, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.N. (Tor.), R.N., N.P., ACN.P., Nurse Practitioner, Adult Bleeding Disorder Program of BC/ Yukon (Hematology), Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
E. Beddard-Huber, B.Sc.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Nursing Certification (CHPCN(C), Clinical Lead Serious Illness Conversation Initiative, BC Centre for Palliative Care J. Birdsall, B.S.N. (Langara), M.N. (Br.Col.), N.P., Nurse Practitioner, Three Bridges Home Health
A. Black, B.A. (W.W.C., NC), B.S.N. (Wash.), M.P.H. (Simon Fraser), R.N., Director, Health Services & Clinical Research and Knowledge Translation, Providence Health Care
L. E. Blackburn, B.N. (Calg.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Vice President of Professional Practice and Chief Clinical Information Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health
B. Budz, B.S.N. (Leth.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), Adult Nurse Practitioner Post Master’s Degree (UW Medical Centre), R.N., VP Patient Experience and Interprofessional Practice, BC Cancer
D. Byres, B.A. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), D.N.P. (A.Sentinel), R.N., CHE, President and CEO, Provincial Health Services Authority
C. Canessa, R.N. Dipl. (Br.Col.Tech), B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), D.N.P. (G.Canyon), N.P.(F), Collaborative Practice Leader, Nurse Practitioner, Provincial Health Services Authority, and N.P. Child and Youth Primary Care Clinic, B.C. Children’s Hospital
M. Carr, B.N. (McG.), M.Sc. (California College for Health Services), R.N., GNC(C), NCA, R.N., New Westminster Specialized Seniors Clinic, Fraser Health Authority; Clinical Nurse Specialist, Carr Clinical Nurse Specialist Consulting
M. Carter, B.Sc., B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry, Providence Health Care
V. Chan, B.A. (Br.Col.), B.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), N.P., Nurse Practitioner, UBC Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
C. Chant, B.S.N. (Douglas Coll.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Director, Education and Clinical Activities, BC Centre on Substance Abuse, Providence Health Care
S. Chee, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), N.P., Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital
K. Chen, B.Sc.N. (Langara), M.N. (Br.Col.), N.P. (F) Nurse Practitioner, Thoracic Surgery & Lung Transplant Vancouver General Hospital
W. Chiu, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), CCN(C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Heart Failure and Transplantation, St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care
S. Cochrane, B.Sc.N. (Dal.), M.N.-N.P. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), N.P., Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, Providence Health Care
A. Collingridge, B.Sc.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N.-N.P. (Tor.), ACN.P., N.P.(P), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Child & Youth Primary Care, Pediatric Dermatology, BC Children’s Hospital
E. Crilly, B.Sc.N. (W.Ont.), M.N. (Tor.), Nurse Practitioner, BC Children’s Hospital
S. Crowe, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N., PMD-N.P. (F) (Athab.), CNCC(C), N.P., Critical Care, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Fraser Health Authority
B. Da Silva, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Executive Director, Regional Care Solutions, Information Management Information Technology Services at PHSA
B. Davie, B.Sc.N. (Sask.), M.N. (Tor.), Certified Health Executive (Canadian College of Health Leaders), R.N., Professional Practice Director, Vancouver Coastal Health
T. Diaczun, B.Sc.N. (Calg.), M.N., N.P.(P) (Tor.), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Complex Care & N.P. Child and Youth Primary Care, BC Children’s Hospital, Provincial Health Services Authority
J. Encinger, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Provincial Director Clinical Quality and Systems Improvement/Acute Care, Perinatal Services BC, Provincial Health Services Authority
H. Espezel, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Planner, Facilities Management, Fraser Health Authority
A. Fieldhouse, B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (F) (Br.Col.), R.N., Nurse Practitioner (F), Interior Health
J. Forman, Registered Nursing Diploma (Royal Alexandra), B.S.N. (Alta.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Heart Rhythm Services/Transcatheter Heart Valve, Clinical Nurse Specialist
B. Furlan, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), N.P.(F), CCN(C), Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care
C. Garossino, B.A., B.Sc.N. (Alta.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N.
M. Gartner, B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), Nurse Practitioner (Primary Care), Vancouver Coastal Health
J. Gibson, B.S.N. (Kwantlen), M.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N.; Director of Ethics Services, Providence Health Care
R. Gidda, B.Sc. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), Med. (Simon Fraser), R.N., Executive Director, BC Cancer – Abbotsford & Provincial Professional Practice (Nursing & Allied Health), BC Cancer
K. Gilbert, B.FA. (Concordia), CSE, Director of Education, Options for Sexual Health
J. Gill, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., GNC(C), NCA, Clinical Operations Supervisor, Minoru Residence, Long Term Care, Vancouver Coastal Health
M. Glasgow, B.A. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.), M.S.N. (N.Br.Col.), R.N., N.P. (F), Nurse Practitioner, Three Bridges, Medcor Sitka Medical Clinic
I. Goldstone, B.N. (McG.), M.Sc. (Br.Col.), R.N., Training School for Nurses, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Retired
L. Gurney, B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Head Nurse Educator, Emergency, Vancouver General Hospital
K. Gustavson, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Fellow of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare, Corporate Director, Accreditation & Patient Experience, PHSA
T. L. Gwozd, B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), M.N. N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology, Providence Health Care
D. Hamilton, B.S.N. (Ott.), M.N. (Aust.), IBCLC, PNC(C), CNCCP(C), CNeoN(c), Senior Practice Leader, BC W
L. Housden, B.Sc.N. (Thompson Riv.), M.N.-N.P. (F), Ph.D. (Br.Col.), Director of Nurse Practitioners, Fraser Health Authority
E. Iacoe, B.N. (Calg.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Leader, Program Development, Scotiabank Youth Transition Program, Providence Health Care
N. Ivanov, B.Sc., B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), MP-N.P. (Br.Col.), N.P. (F), Nurse Practitioner, BC Cancer
C. Johnson, B.Sc.N. (Qu.), M.P.H. (Simon Fraser), CCRP (SOCRA), R.N., Co-Interim Executive Director, British Columbia Centre on Substance Use
A. Kaan, M.C.N. (Aust.Cath.), Certified Cardiovascular Nurse, R.N., CCN(C), CTNC, Clinical Nurse Specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital , Providence Health Care
L. Kalmar, B.Sc.N., M.N. (Tor.), DHA (Central Mich.), CHE, R.N., Chief Executive Officer, Louis Brier Home and Hospital & Weinberg Residence
D. Keselman, B.Sc.N., M.N. (Tor.), DHA (Central Mich.), CHE, R.N., Chief Executive Officer, Louis Brier Home and Hospital & Weinberg Residence
M. Kolar, B.Sc. (Douglas Coll.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care
A. Krystal, B.S.N., MHA (Br.Col.), R.N., Southlake Regional Health, Newmarket Ontario
B. Langlois, B.Sc.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), Interprofessional Practice Director, Provincial Heath Services Authority
B. Lawrie, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Vice President, Professional Practice and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health
L. Lazzarotto, B.S.N., M.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., N.P., Vancouver General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital
T. Le, B.S. (Pedagogy), B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), N.P.(F), CCN(C), Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital
A. LeBlanc, B.S.N. (Dal.), M.Sc.N. (Ott.), R.N., CNCC(C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Intensive Care & High Acuity, Vancouver General Hospital
K. LeComte, B.Sc.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital
L. Lee, B.N. (Manit.), M.S.N. (Tx.), M.P.H. (Wash.), R.N., Retired
J. Lehoux, B.S.N. (Windsor), M.N. (Athab.), N.P. (F), Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital
J. Lum, B.S.N. (Santo Tomas) Post R.N.-B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), M.N.-N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, RCH Cardiac Clinics, New Westminster, BC
V. MacDonald, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., CNS, Health Care Consultant VMD Consulting
E. Magnus, B.S.N. (Fraser Valley), M.N.-N.P. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), N.P. (F), Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery, Providence Health Care
P. Mahon, B.S.N. (Thompson Riv.), MHSc (CCHS), Doctorate Health (Bath), R.N., Clinical Research Scientist, Department of Heam/Onc/BMT, BC Children's Hospital
H. Mak, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., GNC (C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Providence Health Care
S. Marchuk, B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), D.N.P. (Oregon H&S), N.P.(F), CNeph(c), FAAN.P., Nurse Practitioner, Department Head, Providence Health Care
L. Mathur, B.A., B.S.N. (Boston Coll.), M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery, St. Paul’s Hospital
K. McDonald, B.Sc.N. (Kwantlen), M.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fraser Health
S. McRae, B.S.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N.-AC N.P. (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) (Tor.), R.N., Pediatric nurse practitioner, N.P. Child & Youth Primary Care Clinic, BC Children’s Hospital
L. Michalson, B.A. (Wash.), B.S.N. (Seattle), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), RNC, Community Health Nurse, Sheway, Vancouver Coastal Health
L. Miller, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), D.N.P. (Walden), CMBC, Registered Midwife, Blossom Birth Program
M. Miller, B.A. (Ott.), D.N.P., FN.P. (W.U.H.S.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., N.P.(F), FAAN.P., Nurse Practitioner, BC Children’s Hospital, Provincial Health Services Authority
J. Misar, B.Sc., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Practice Consultant, Fraser Health Professional Practice
K. L. Mitchell, B.S.N., M.N.-N.P.(F) (Br.Col.), M.N.-N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Inner City Youth Program, Foundry, Providence Health Care
J. Narayan, B.Sc., B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), Family Nurse Practitioner, Axis Primary Care Clinic and Fraser Health Authority
S. Nixon, B.Sc.N. (Ott.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., CCN (C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Regional Heart Failure Strategy for VCH/PHC
C. Nordquist, B.Sc.N. (Cariboo), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul’s Hospital Heart Foundation Clinic
L. K. Nurmi, B.N. (Manit.), M.N.-N.P.(F) (Br.Col.), Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department, Mount St. Joseph Hospital, Providence Health Authority
B. Parappilly, M.S.N., Ph.D. (Br.Col.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Acute Medicine, Providence Health Care
M. Patapoff, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.N.-N.P. (Athab.), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery, St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care
C. Prescott, B.S.N., M.P.H. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sexual Health and Blood Born Infections Population Public Health, Fraser Health Authority
N. Prodan-Bhalla, B.S.N. (W.Ont.), M.N.-N.P. (Tor.), Post-masters N.P. (Mass.), D.N.P. (Colorado), Chief Nurse and Professional Practice Officer, Ministry of Health
F. Rayani, B.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Foundry Vancouver Granville, Providence Health Care
D. C. Reichhardt, B.Sc.N. (Kwantlen), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), D.N.P.(c) (G.Canyon), Family Nurse Practitioner, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Fraser Health Authority
J. Reimer-Kent, B.N., M.N. (Manit.), R.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Royal Columbian Hospital
A. Reynolds, B.A. (Calif.), B.S.N. (Calif.State.), M.N.-N.P. (Calif.), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Three Bridges, St. Paul’s Hospital
R. A. Ringland, B.Sc.N., M.N.-N.P.(F) (Vic.(Br.Col.)), R.N., Nurse Practitioner, Surgical Program Chronic Pain, Fraser Health Authority
T. Robertson, B.Sc.N. (Kwantlen), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., CNN(C), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fraser Health Stroke Services
S. Robinson, B.M.Sc. (W.Ont.), B.Sc.N., M.P.H. (Tor.), R.N., Clinical Programs and Development Lead, Associate Director, Addiction Nursing Fellowship, BC Centre on Substance Abuse
M. Rosu, B.Sc., B.S.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), R.N., Foster Parent, Ministry of Children and Family Development
L. K. Salamat, B.Sc.N., MHA (Br.Col.), R.N., Director, Patient Care Quality Office, Provincial Health Services Authority
S. Sangha, B.S.N., M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), N.P.(F), Nurse Practitioner, Akira Health, Telehealth Services
L. J. Shorthouse, R.N. (Diploma), B.Sc.N. (Ott.), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), PHCN.P. (Ott.), Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, FHA
H. Sihota, B.Sc., B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.Tech.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), Clinical Director, Axis Primary Care Clinic
K. Sims, B.A., B.Sc.N. (W.Ont.), M.N.-N.P. (Tor.), DiMM (Br.Col.), CMCBT (CBT Canada), N.P., Providence Health Care
A. Smith, B.A.v (Manc.Met.), ALM (Harv.), Ph.D. (Sheff.Hallam), Executive Director, McCreary Centre Society
A. Stewart, BPHE, B.Sc.N. (Tor.), M.N.-N.P. (Br.Col.), Nurse Practitioner Locum, Interior Health.
M. Stewart, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.A. (Ryl.Roads), R.N., CNCC(C), CHE, Chief Clinical Planning Officer, St. Paul’s Hospital Redevelopment; Regional Program Director, Critical Care, VCH/PHC
M. J. Stowe, B.Sc.N. (Calg.), M.Sc.N. (Ldn.), R.N., Executive Director, Clinical Informatic and Virtual Health, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
H. A. Straight, B.Sc., M.N. (Vic.(Br.Col.)), Director of Professional Practice, BC Nurses’ Union
M. Sutherland, B.Sc. (Hons.) (Tor.), B.S.N. (Br.Col.), MScPH (Ldn.S.H.T.M.), R.N.(T), Policy Analyst, Corporate Policy Office, Provincial Health Services Authority
E. Tai, B.Sc., B.Sc.N. (Br.Col.), M.S.N. (Tor.), R.N., Nurse Practitioner (Pediatrics), Cardiac Sciences Program, BC Children's Hospital
G. Thomas-Reilly, B.A. (Tor.), B.Sc.N. (McM.), MScPPH (Simon Fraser), PGDip, Ph.D. (Ldn.S.H.T.M.), R.N., Senior Scientist, Cytel Health International
M. Trask, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), MIPH (Sydney), R.N., EDAC, Interim Senior Director BC Cancer Vancouver
D. Waller, B.A., M.Sc. (Oxf.Brookes), R.N., Director of Interprofessional Practice, BC Children’s & BC Women’s Hospital
B. Watson, B.Sc., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., Director, Professional Practice, Vancouver Acute, Vancouver Coastal Health
N. Whyte, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., PHC Consulting Ltd.
N. A. Wikjoid, B.S.N. (Cariboo), M.S.N. (Br.Col.), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fraser Health
M. Wilson, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Br.Col.), R.N., FCCHL, Corporate Director, Shared Care & Virtual Health/Digital Care, Providence Health Care
C. Woo, B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.N.-N.P. (Tor.), R.N., Nurse Practitioner, Inherited Bleeding Disorders Program, Division of Hematology/Oncology/BMT, BC Children's Hospital

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Associate Members

J. L. Bottorff, B.Sc.N. (Alta.), M.Ed. (Sask.), M.N., Ph.D. (Alta.), R.N., Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan
P. Janssen, D.APN. (V.C.C.), B.S.N. (Br.Col.), M.P.H., Ph.D. (Wash.), Professor and Co-Lead, Maternal Child Health, School of Population and Public Health and Senior Scholar, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute.
A. Lund, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UBC; Emergency Physician Royal Columbian/Eagle Ridge Hospitals

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