You are reading the 2024/25 Academic Calendar. The 2023/24 version remains in effect until August 31, 2024 and is available here.

English Language Proficiency Standards and GRE Requirements

Applicants from a university outside Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction must present evidence of competency to pursue studies in the English language prior to being extended an unconditional offer of admission. English language proficiency tests taken more than two years prior to application will not be considered. Unless otherwise stated, the score is the minimum on each part of the examination. Minimum scores must be achieved in a single sitting of the test (i.e., scores across multiple instances of a test may not be used to satisfy minimum component requirements).

For a list of acceptable English language proficiency tests for applicants to programs in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, see English Language Proficiency Tests.

For some graduate programs, the minimum acceptable scores are the same as those for undergraduate programs, which can be found here.

Individual graduate programs may require higher English language proficiency scores, and may require minimum scores on individual components of the test. See table below for TOEFL score requirements for individual programs. 

Graduate programs will convert results from other acceptable language tests, taking guidance from the tables provided by the respective testing agencies: CAEL, CELPIP, IELTS, MELAB and PTE.

Note: The table below receives regular updates throughout the year and outlines the minimum component score.

TOEFL and GRE Requirements

For programs that are not listed here, the minimum English Language Requirements are the same as they are for undergraduate students.

ProgramReading/Writing/Listening/Speaking - Component Scores for Internet-based TOEFLInternet-based TOEFL Overall GRE
Adult Learning and Education (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Adult Learning and Global Change (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Ancient Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity (M.A.) 100  
Anthropology (Ph.D., M.A.)25/25/22/22100  
Architecture (M.A.S.A., M.Arch.) 100  
Archival Studies (M.A.S.) 100  
Archival Studies and Library and Information Studies (M.A.S./M.L.I.S.) 100  
Art Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Art History (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Art History (Critical and Curatorial Studies) (M.A.) 100  
Atmospheric Science (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/23100 Yes1,3
Audiology and Speech Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)27/29/27/24106 Yes5
Bioinformatics (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D., M.A.Sc.) 93  
Botany (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/2292  
Business Administration, Accounting (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Finance (Ph.D., M.Sc.B.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Management Information Systems (Ph.D., M.Sc.B.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Management Science (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Marketing (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Organizational Behaviour (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Strategy and Business Economics (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Transportation and Logistics (Ph.D., M.Sc.B.) 100 Yes2
Business Administration, Urban Land Economics (Ph.D.) 100 Yes2
Cell and Developmental Biology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/22100  
Chemistry (Ph.D., M.Sc.)23/22/23/2292 Yes
Children's Literature (M.A.) 100  
Cinema and Media Studies (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Civil Engineering (Ph.D., M.A.Sc.)22/25/22/21100 Yes1,3
Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (M.A.) 100  
Classics (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Community and Regional Planning (M.C.R.P.) 100  
Computer Science (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Counselling Psychology (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/22  Yes7
Craniofacial Science (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 93  
Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Endodontics (Ph.D./Dip., M.Sc./Dip.) 93  
Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Orthodontics (Ph.D./Dip., M.Sc./Dip.) 93  
Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry (Ph.D./Dip., M.Sc./Dip.) 93  
Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Periodontics (Ph.D./Dip., M.Sc./Dip.) 93  
Craniofacial Science and Diploma in Prosthodontics (Ph.D./Dip., M.Sc./Dip.) 93  
Curriculum and Leadership (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Curriculum Studies (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Design, Technology and Society (Ph.D.) 95  
Economics (Ph.D., M.A.)22/22/22/2293 Yes6
Educational Administration and Leadership (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Educational Leadership and Policy (Ed.D.)22/22/22/2292  
Educational Studies (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Ph.D., M.A.Sc.) 100  
English (Ph.D., M.A.) 104  
Experimental Medicine (Ph.D., M.A.)22/22/22/2296  
Film Production (M.F.A.) 100  
Film Production and Creative Writing (M.F.A.) 100  
Forestry (Ph.D., M.Sc., M.A.Sc., M.F., M.I.F., M.S.F.M., M.U.F.L.)23/24/23/22100  
Genetic Counselling (M.Sc.)26/28/26/23103  
Genome Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Geography (Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc.) 100  
Geological Engineering (Ph.D., M.A.Sc.)22/22/22/23100  
Geological Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/23100  
Geophysics (Ph.D., M.Sc., M.A.Sc.)22/22/22/23100  
Global Health (M.G.H.) 100  
Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Health Science (M.H.Sc.) 100  
Higher Education (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Home Economics Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Interdisciplinary Oncology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/24/22/22100  
Journalism (M.J.) 104  
Kinesiology (Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc., M.Kin., M.H.P.C.T.L.)23/24/23/2696  
Landscape Architecture (M.L.A., M.A.S.L.A.) 100  
Language and Literacy Education (Ph.D.)22/22/22/2292  
Law (Ph.D)25/25/25/25100  
Laws (Common Law) (LL.M.(CL))25/25/25/21100  
Laws (LL.M)25/25/25/25100  
Laws in Taxation (LL.M. in Taxation)25/25/25/21100  
Library and Information Studies (M.L.I.S.) 100  
Library, Archival and Information Studies (Ph.D.) 100  
Literacy Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Mathematics (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Mathematics Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292 Yes7
Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D., M.A.Sc.) 93 Yes1
Media and Technology Studies Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Medical Genetics (Ph.D., M.Sc.)24/26/24/24100  
Microbiology and Immunology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)25/25/25/25100  
Modern Languages Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Museum Education (M.M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Music Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Neuroscience (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Nurse Practitioner (M.N.) 100  
Nursing (Ph.D., M.S.N.) 100 Yes7
Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (M.Sc.) 100  
Occupational Therapy (M.O.T.) 100  
Oceanography (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/23100  
Oceans and Fisheries (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100 Yes4
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/22100  
Pharmacology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/22100  
Philosophy (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Physical Therapy (M.P.T.) 100  
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences (M.P.T./Ph.D.)23/23/23/23100  
Planning (Ph.D., M.A.P., M.Sc.P.) 100 Yes1
Political Science (Ph.D., M.A.)22/25/22/2392 Yes3,6
Population and Public Health (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Psychology (Ph.D., M.A.)   Yes7
Public Health (M.P.H.) 100  
Public Health and Nursing (M.P.H./M.S.N.) 100  
Public Health and Diploma in Dental Public Health (M.P.H./Dip.) 100 Yes4
Public Policy and Global Affairs (M.P.P.G.A.)22/22/22/22100  
Rehabilitation Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.)23/23/23/23100 Yes7
Rehabilitation Sciences (M.R.Sc.)26/28/26/23108  
Religious Studies (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/22100  
Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc.)24/24/24/24100  
School and Applied Child Psychology (Ph.D., M.A, M.Ed.)22/22/25/25100  
Science Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Social Studies Education (M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Social Work (Ph.D., M.S.W.) 93  
Society, Culture, and Politics in Education (M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Sociology (Ph.D., M.A.)25/25/22/22100  
Special Education (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)   Yes3
Statistics (Ph.D., M.Sc.) 100  
Teaching English as a Second Language (Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed.)22/22/22/2292  
Theatre (Ph.D., M.A.) 100  
Visual Art (M.F.A.) 100  
Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/22100  
Zoology (Ph.D., M.Sc.)22/22/22/2297  

1 Not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

2 Or GMAT.

3 Ph.D. program only.

4 Applicants from outside North America only.

5 Applicants with a degree from a university outside of Canada and the USA only.

6 Applicants with a degree from a university outside of Canada only.

7 Required for some applicants. See the degree program entry for detailed information.


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